Interview Prep. Step by Step.


Company Culture. Your Defining Ambition?

What will your defining ambition be? What is the one thing you will strive for above all others? Why you should care...


Behavioral Based Interviews

In a traditional interview you can usually get away with the interviewer what they want to hear; even if you're fudging the truth a bit. Not so with Behavioral Based Interviews. How to prepare and conquer.


Build a Team. Don't Spend a Boatload.

I'm offering a wild solution based on a real life scenario that will save your recruitment budget a bundle.


The Laws of Talent Attraction 

Why do we (truly) believe a candidate will leave a job, relocate and come to work for us? Only a small percentage is motivated by money.


Develop a Digital Position in 3 easy Steps


Ageism Can Exist at any Age 

Here's my story albeit lacking drama.


The future of retail. I have a theory.


Compensation or Company Culture? Which Would you Choose? 


Mentorship: Women in Footwear.

An opportunity to serve as a mentor with Women in the Footwear Industry (WIFI). Consider mentorship.


3D Printing in Fashion: A Revolution of Opportunities & Obstacles

As technology becomes more refined, more available and less expensive 3D Printing could solve a myriad of supply chain issues, streamline design processes and eliminate size issues which will benefit consumers. But what about the characteristics of materials? If you' work in apparel you that types of fabrics and textiles used are at the core of customer opinions and cost decisions.


Do Digital Brands Need Retail Stores?


Design Leadership. Pros & Cons?


Do we (really) need a Chief Digital Officer?


Digital Advertising in Fashion. What's working?

We all know that feeling . . . you were just emailing or texting a friend about something, and suddenly an ad for that thing pops up in your Gmail and haunts you for weeks. You feel like “big brother” is virtually watching you, and you wonder how much he knows. As recent news is telling us - quite a bit, probably. But, that’s not the only problem with digital ads. Do they work? Does anyone click on them purposefully? And is advertising anywhere except with Google or Facebook worthwhile?


The Path to Digital Talent 

It seems like (almost) everyone is looking to transition or significantly improve their online business. One of the biggest challenges is finding talent. Thoroughly experienced in the digital space and can hit the ground running. The problem is… the talent pool is small. Ads aren’t working. How do you know which companies are good sources for your team and which to avoid? The path to digital and ecommerce talent is narrow and difficult to navigate. If you don't do it on the daily....


6 Ways Technology Can Help You Stay Relevant in Retail 

Millennials are now commanding a yearly spending power of 600 Billion dollars in the US alone. If you haven’t yet ditched your negative misconceptions about this group of selective and driven shoppers and begun to bend your business to appeal to them, you have a lot to gain by understanding what millennials want in a retail experience. What they want out of shopping is choice, personalization, sustainability and as close to instant gratification as they can get.


A Request for Talent Acquisition


Artificial Intelligence in Online Shopping

Is AI a fix for inherent online shopping issues in categories that require a more personalized fit such as jeans, swimwear and makeup? Can AI be the difference between an abandoned cart and a click purchase that the customer needs to get off the fence?