Anything to make that online business run.


Technology, ecommerce and all things digital. Anything to make that online business run. We’ve launched a new series focusing on three key themes that surround our industry network and the clients we serve. The future of retail, technology we (can) leverage and the impact on talent acquisition. 

Retail & Consumers

  • Why do consumers make the purchases they do?
  • How do we understand consumer expectations?
  • The new challenges with digital advertising and digital customer engagement.


  • What are the implications of 3D printing?
  • Understanding AI and what does it mean?
  • Virtual changing rooms the solution to online returns?
  • What’s the best way to use videos in digital marketing?

Talent Perspective 

  • What is the role of digital executives and what challenges do they face today and in the future?
  • Technology decisions in leadership. The need for an overall understanding of opportunities that impact decisions across the entire business. Can we solve the internal feuding of retail and ecommerce teams?
  • The search for talent; experienced and can hit the ground running. How to find and attract digital and ecommerce talent.

We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. Curiosity often seeks discussion and a range of view points. We hope you’ll join the conversation.