Core Promise To Talent

What can you expect from Find The Fit?

Our inside knowledge of the market will serve as your guide to finding the right fit.
Industry Expertise
Top career opportunities with globally recognized brands, growth opportunities and vetted company culture.
Career Opportunities
You will receive extensive training and preparation for interviews, resignations and counter offers.
Guidance throughout the process
Direct, transparent communication throughout the process regarding the company, compensation, culture and your candidacy.
We practice strict confidentiality in all communication.
Confidentiality is King
We co-negotiate the offer and advocate for you. We provide you with salary match and relocation tools, offering counsel and advice.

If You Submit Your Resume

If you submit your CV you will receive a response within 72 hours. If we do not have an appropriate match for you, we will provide you with free world class training tools. You won’t leave empty handed.

You won’t end up in the black hole of a resume database.

And that’s a Promise…


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