Salary Match & Relocation

When should you begin to look at the difference between the cost of living in your current
city and the one you are considering a move to? Before you begin the interview process!
Here are a few tools that will help.



Cost of Living Calculator (US)

CNN Money ideal for relocation within US cities. You can easily enter your current base salary, city and state of your current residence followed by the city and state of your potential relocation and poof; this tool generates the exact salary (down to the dollar) that you would need to earn in order to make a lateral move. It also provides you with percentages of cost differences broken down by category.


International Relocation

Numbeo is an excellent tool for international relocation. Provides currency conversion and cost of living analysis between two cities anywhere in the world.


Relocation Essentials

Relocation Essentials does just what it says and more. This will assist you with the details of your move and additional resources.