Ask Lucy


Okay, so there’s no one on our staff named Lucy. But doesn’t it bring back fun childhood memories? But for reals, we’re starting up a formal Q&A. We found ourselves answering so many of the same questions with our clients and candidates on the regular, we decided it might be helpful to provide the answers in a more public format. Don’t worry we won’t publish your name (or where you work, yikes!) but we will provide a thoughtful and specific answer to any question you might have. Chances are, if ye has pondered, someone else has too.

Commitment to transparency. I personally have felt that a sense of mystery around recruitment has developed. As if we have some sort of secretive code by which we operate that no one really understands. In an effort to bring total transparency to our craft, there are no off-limits topics.

And it’s free. Please, no nickels, nickels, nickels.




Got a question? 




What’s the best way to find a mentor and ask them for help?


Julia from New York writes....
I am just starting out in my career and am looking for a mentor to help me understand and navigate the industry. What’s the best way to find a mentor and ask them for help?


Well, Julia that’s a great question. I’m always impressed when young people acknowledge the need for guidance and mentorship. Frankly, it’s a good idea at any age and stage in one’s career.

Making a decision between two offers.



Annie from Ohio writes….
I received two offers just days apart. Both well-known brands, same title, similar responsibilities. One offer came in 10K lower than the other. I am already facing a pay cut regardless of which company I choose due to the cost of living increase. A 10K difference in base salary intensifies the decision. In case you’re wondering about the cost of living issue, all I can say is that’s what happens when you want to leave Ohio. Both companies are eagerly awaiting and I have a difficult decision to make.


If this decision was purely based on money you would have already accepted the offer and wouldn’t be asking this question, right? 

How Can I Be Found by Recruiters?



I would like to know which platform is best for designers to showcase their work. One where recruiters can see their skills. What do recruiters want to see in a designer and what’s the best way to present a good portfolio?

-anonymous by request


I think there’s a common belief amongst the design community that the answer to being “found” is in the design portfolio. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. Perhaps that’s not the popular answer and maybe I’ll receive some boo hiss for saying so. I can’t speak for all recruiters, but I personally do not surf portfolio platforms in search of talent. Why?