January Merci


A heartfelt THANK YOU to Planet Sox for donating 100 pairs of new socks to our Delicates Drive! Listen to this…

I contacted Loretta Covella on LinkedIn while conducting a search for hosiery talent (completely unrelated to donations). She noticed my involvement with the Stop Human Trafficking Committee and asked if we could use some socks for our Delicates Drive. Of course, the answer was a resounding yes! She made an introduction to her colleague Gabrielle Silverberg who almost immediately responded with an offer to donate more pairs of socks than I would have dared to ask. They arrived at my front door within the week. How’s that for unbridled giving?

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this immensely generous gift. I am personally very impressed that someone took the time to consider the needs of our community and an issue that I care deeply for. What’s more, these two special individuals executed at lightning speed. Wow.


Ask Lucy

Okay, so there’s no one on our staff named Lucy. But doesn’t it bring back fun childhood memories? But for reals, we’re starting up a formal Q&A. We found ourselves answering so many of the same questions with our clients and candidates on the regular, we decided it might be helpful to provide the answers in a more public format. Don’t worry we won’t publish your name (or where you work, yikes!) but we will provide a thoughtful and specific answer to any question you might have. Chances are, if ye has pondered, someone else has too.

Commitment to transparency. I personally have felt that a sense of mystery around recruitment has developed. As if we have some sort of secretive code by which we operate that no one really understands. In an effort to bring total transparency to our craft, there are no off-limits topics.

And it’s free. Please, no nickels, nickels, nickels.

Got a question? asklucy@findthefit.net





January Giving Corner

The Junior League of Portland is hosting our 6th annual Delicates Drive to benefit survivors of Human Trafficking. We are urging you to consider donating new undergarments of any size, style and quantity.

Why? When survivors are rescued, they are asked to surrender their undergarments as evidence. Organizations who provide immediate & long-term care lack the resources to provide these essential items. As a result, survivors are left without the basics; something most of us take for granted. The JLP will distribute donations to recipient organizations that include: Janus Youth, SARC, A Village for One, Rose Haven, & Rahab’s Sisters.

Last year the JLP collected over 2,000 pairs of bras and panties. Our goal is to double that number in 2018.

The Delicates Drive will be held January 11th - February 11th, 2018. Please don’t delay in making a meaningful impact.


For more information on how to donate, contact: dione@findthefit.net


Smart Clothes of the Future

Clothing today basically provides one of two functions, or both if you're lucky; either it acts as a barrier, protecting us from the elements or it provides us with a way to express our individual sense of style, making us look and feel our best. Clothing as we think of it today however, is set to take a giant step into the 21st Century; with smart textiles leading the way.

Smart textiles are separated into two different groupings: performance enhancing and aesthetic. The aesthetic category includes everything from fabrics that change color to those that light up. Some of these textiles are capable of harnessing energy from vibrations, heat, or sound from the environment and react accordingly.

The performance enhancing category will have a huge impact on our society. It could affect everything from job safety to athletic performance. Imagine fabrics that reduce wind resistance, regulate body temperature, and even control muscle vibration. These features could enhance athletic performance tremendously. Yet other fabrics have been designed to protect against environmental hazards, such as heat, cold, and even radiation. With life-saving potential, these fabrics could revolutionize on the job safety for military and law enforcement officials as well as any other hazardous job.

Additionally, smart clothing could even benefit the health, beauty and medical industries. Just imagine fabric that contains moisturizers, perfume, or even has anti-aging properties or medical textiles that release drugs in measured doses. The possibilities are truly endless.

Innovative fashion designers are working with engineers to push the boundaries even further. They imagine taking it one step further by designing garments that, rather than having an embedded device, actually are the device. Imagine a shirt that can charge your cell phone as you wear it or track your pulse rate as you exercise.

Genevieve Dion, from Philadelphia’s Drexel University, is working with colleagues to design a band knit from conductive yarn that can transmit radio signals. A fabric antennae fitted to the band would transmit 24/7, real time data. One example of the way this technology could transform lives is to use it for a belly band that monitors the fetus growth in high-risk pregnancies.  The data could be sent to the mother’s physician in real time, and allow constant monitoring of the mother and baby’s health.

Smart textiles are rapidly changing the face of the fashion industry, and this is just the beginning. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, who knows what tomorrow may bring to the world in terms of “wearable technology.” 


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Photo: CNN

How the AI Revolution Could Change Fashion Forever

How the AI Revolution Could Change Fashion Forever

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The Simple Guide To Developing Company Culture

The Simple Guide To Developing Company Culture

If you ask Marcus Lemonis the secret to a great business, he will tell you it is people, products and process. In this investors opinion you cannot have deficiencies in any of the three areas and still build a successful business. It is one of these pillars we will be talking about today, people and more to the point the culture of your company.