How the AI Revolution Could Change Fashion Forever

Artificial intelligence has already started to infiltrate the fashion industry, but rather than look at the here and now let’s instead take a look at one of the roles AI might play in the not too distant future. Artificial intelligence is all about the use of complex algorithms, and the more data you can feed into algorithms, the more capable they become in making decisions and forecasts.

It is not unrealistic to think that in 10 to 15 years time, clothing manufacturers could be relying heavily on AI, not only for the design and manufacturing of garments, but also for logistical purposes. Having AI at their disposal, clothing manufacturers could have a far better understanding of what sort of fashion trend is likely to appear next on the horizon. This would allow manufacturers and designers to change styles and designs even before those styles and designs become popular.

Computers would also be able to tell manufacturers when sales of a particular garment are likely to peak, and how many of those garments are likely to sell. Armed with this sort of data, manufacturers would know exactly when to put their products on the shelves in order to get maximum profits. They will know when they are able to sell their products for the highest possible price. This could potentially put an end to things like clearance sales, as well as cut down on needless waste and improve the bottomline.

As far as fashion retail is concerned, the primary use of AI will be to streamline supply and demand; to enhance personal customer service, and to help fashion designers. Nonetheless, it is extremely likely that AI will also assist in other fields within the fashion industry. For example, clothing manufacturers could eventually use driverless delivery vehicles, while retailers could be using drones to deliver products to their customers. As many people are aware of, Amazon is already showing a great deal of interest in things like drone deliveries.

Fashion, being a trend-driven industry, could immensely benefit from AI programs that make predictions based on obtained data to predict trends. AI programs could be used for crawling social media and e-commerce sites in order to gather an unprecedented amount of highly accurate data. This could allow manufacturers to determine things like what materials or colors are the most popular in different countries, or even in different regions or cities within a country.

The AI revolution could mean a lot of things for basically every industry, but it could be the holy grail for the fashion industry if it can accurately predict trends not only in fashion but in sales as well. Profits would increase exponentially, and waste would be cut down tremendously. Once artificial intelligence has been developed with pinpoint accuracy, fashion and retail will never be the same.


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Photo: Your News Wire