How Virtual Reality is Changing the Fashion Industry


Virtual reality has already began to take the world by storm. This promising technology seems to have endless applications. This is especially true for the fashion industry, where they are already using VR in inspiring ways. Whether looking at high end or high street, fashion is about the latest and most exciting trends. The fashion industry constantly needs not just new trends, but new ways in which to captivate the audience. New innovative models for presenting designs need to replace the outdated, boring models in order to achieve this. Enter Virtual Reality technology.

Fashion Shows

Seeing an opportunity in the early stages, a few design houses have already started developing their own virtual reality headsets. Dior Eyes by design house Dior was the first VR headset ever by a fashion house, and was initially designed as a way to transport customers backstage at some of their top shows. This technology means viewing fashion shows in a whole new way. With the ability to film a 360 degree field of view, it's now possible to view a fashion show from multiple angles. Not only that but you can experience this right in your own home with a VR headset. I don't know about you, but having that kind of access to high fashion from the comfort of my couch sounds like a dream. Hell, the people that attend don't even get that kind of a view. Another great way VR can be utilized is so that buyers can use the headsets to inform purchasing decisions, whether they attend or not.

Virtual Shopping Experiences

Backstage access isn't all these bad boys can do, there's a whole slew of applications they can be used for. For instance, virtual shopping experiences could be next on the horizon thanks to VR. When using a VR headset the consumer will be able to view different lines of clothing in stunning detail without ever having to spend the time sorting through the racks. The consumer would be able to view how the clothing looks, fits, and moves on a VR model. Delving further into it, the consumer could also customize aspects of the outfit as well as accessorize outfits. The days of being required to look at flat images of models in magazines or online could very well be on their way out. Who wants to view flat images when you've got 360-degree ones at your disposal?

Online Avatars

In an increasingly hectic world, many consumers find it hard to make it into physical stores to try clothing on. Internet purchases are surging, but it comes at the cost of higher return rates. The development of extremely accurate avatars could take all of the guess work out of online shopping. This would increase sales while at the same time reduce returns. With advanced design technology, very soon consumers may be able to custom design an avatar to represent themselves. They can then apply different outfits to their avatar to get an accurate depiction of how garments will look and fit on their own body. 

Even with just these few applications, Virtual Reality is shaping up to be a promising tool for the fashion industry. The true potential of VR is still yet to be seen, but we can only imagine the possibilities this technology can bring to the world of fashion. We can't wait to see what else it can do.


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