This Is How To Entice New Talent

A question comes up often, “What is the best way to communicate culture to prospective talent?” With more employees concerned with a company’s culture before they join, it is important you have information about yours out there. After all, every employee wants to work in a setting where they can be productive, respected and happy from 9 – 5.

So how should you convey the information about your corporate culture? The first is to build brand awareness. When people see your name, they want to know more about you. A good way is to advertise the company in a way that not only appeals to consumers but also to prospective talent. You can create YouTube videos that convey the culture of the company and share on your website and social media channels.

Your website should also have some content containing insight into the corporate culture. This is the first place jobseekers will go to find out more about your company. It gives you a chance to offer a deeper look into your company and to help a person on the fence determine if you are the best company for them. To help people locate this information, tie it into the Human Resources section of the website and title it something that will have people click on it. Think along the lines of, what it's like to work here and the non monetary benefits of being an employee.

While the internet and various other mediums help to begin getting information of your company’s culture out there, it isn’t enough. You also need to have it come up during the interview process. Make sure you mention the culture to interviewees and answer questions they might have about it. After all, an interview is not only there to give you the insight about a potential new hire. It is also a way for you them to determine if working for your business is the right fit for them.

To take this a step further during the interview process have them meet the team they would potentially work with. This gives people on the team a chance to interact with them and the prospective employee can use this insight to determine if they are uncomfortable with the team they’ll potentially join.

Finally, remember that word of mouth also plays a considerable role in this process. Your employees have the potential to give an honest overview of the company and the environment they work in. Make sure you encourage them to speak openly with their friends and family members who they’d like to join the company. This allows them to talk up the company and have the prospective employee and to convey a message about the corporate culture that an individual is more likely to trust. Taking word of mouth a step further, online testimonials offer social proof and can reach many more prospective candidates. Again, using YouTube, social media platforms or a brief testimonial posted on your website goes a long way to building credibility with candidates.

There are quite a few ways to communicate the culture of the company with prospective talent. The best way to make it happen is to take advantage of each opportunity. After all, you might not have everyone view your website and scan the entire thing to apply for a job, or have the ability to talk to an actual employee. But when you have multiple platforms working for you, it is more likely the information will be placed in front of top tier talent and help you get the best people to fill your open positions.


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Photo: Psychology Today