What It’s Like On The Inside

2006_devil_wears_prada_wallpaper_001-1024x740 If there’s a single piece of wisdom I can offer candidates consistent across every job opportunity it’s this: Once you meet the team in person you’ll know in your gut whether or not it’s a good fit. I can tell you all day long about how great the company culture is, the people, the job.

But at the end of the day there’s just something about visiting onsite when you instinctively have a sense for this is right or this is wrong. How well organized was the interview loop? Were you left sitting alone for an extended period of time with no one around wondering what the hell was about to happen next?

Did you meet with potential co-workers, your future boss, HR and Senior Executives? Did they remember to feed you or at least give you a glass of water? How was the tour? Were people smiling, laughing, or exhibiting a zombie like expression meandering the halls. You know the look. If they could only warn you they would.

I’ve said phone interviews are like first dates. If a phone interview is a first date then an in person interview is the equivalent to meeting the parents. After spending all day meeting extended family (coworkers) you’ll know whether or not you can see yourself making a more serious commitment; even accepting a future proposal (offer). Can you live with these people?

As you know, we’re a little obsessed with fit. We define fit as a good match for a company’s culture, team dynamics, candidate’s personality, purpose, skills and natural abilities. We spend a lot of time getting to know the real, authentic you, understand your skill set, what drives and inspires you. Relationships and regular conversations with HR and hiring managers are vital to understanding the needs of the company, their culture and the type of candidates who thrive within their way of life. But again, there’s just something about meeting in person that really brings everything to life. You get an inside look (cue foreshadowing) at what it’s really like to live and breathe their culture.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new series, The Inside Look. It’s not that this is really a new practices, we’ve been meeting with our clients for years. We just thought you might like to be in the know as well. Each piece will feature one of our clients. We’ll include physical space and layout, company vibe, what they’re wearing and insights into geographic location. Think mini travel diary. Let’s face it, location is huge. Sorry, we can’t include proprietary information. Obviously. But if you want to know what it’s really like inside, we’ve got you covered.

What kind of matchmaker would I be if I didn’t meet the other half?