Tap The Promise of Wearable Technology

The wearables industry has started to boom. More fashion companies are looking at new ways to incorporate technology into their designs. This technology drives a younger crowd to purchase apparel and accessories based on the technology they feature.

While it still blows the minds of many that technology and fashion can intertwine, the concept isn’t new. For years, students have been running headphones through hoodies and incorporating other devices into their looks. However, today’s technological advances has stepped away from music sources and introduced some cool features in apparel and accessories.

Perhaps the best known wearable technology is the Apple Watch. This watch has become a hot item since it was introduced. With it, you have the potential to unlock the full potential of certain applications and your body has the ability to communicate with the world around you. This concept is helping to transition more towards the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things allows computing to take place in everyday objects. When used in fashion, it allows clothing to take a more active role in things and can help companies to better understand the people who use their products. Much in the same way Google Chrome learns your browsing habits or your Smartphone begins to know the places you frequent and makes recommendations. While we need to foster a new ecosystem of player or devices to incorporate into our lives, many people are uncomfortable to provide any single company with that much information.

There are some who might claim that technology has no place in fashion. The truth is fashion and technology actually go hand in hand. Take for example the jacquard loom. It’s used to manufacture textiles in the fashion industry. It also was responsible for helping to develop computer hardware. Punch cards were vital for the creation of the analytical engine.

So the combination of both into a functional wearable clearly makes sense. While these connected devices may change in their design and what they can do as the years go on, they ultimately will be something more people will gravitate towards. While the Apple Watch is the hot button topic right now, other options are on the market. This includes the Nike Flyknit, Nike+ and the Nike Fuelband. Each device helps athletes maximize the effectiveness of products like their iPod while they are running. It also allows a person to determine their speed, fluctuations, distance and time spent running.

Eventually, there will be new designs and options on the market. At first, this wearable technology will be strange to see on people. But as it becomes better integrated in designs and cheaper to produce, it will become a common staple. Before long, you’ll see models sporting these new features on the walkway and each piece will be more stunning than the last.

If you haven’t yet embraced the marriage of fashion and technology, now is the time to get onboard. Those who do early on will find that it is easier to be an active member in the Internet of Things, rather than to shy away from it until you are finally forced to embrace it.


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Photo: Intel