Steps In Building A Retail Roadmap

Any business can start and run at any given time. The real task is getting your investment back and maintaining your company for a long period so that you keep on hauling in profit. How do successful retail companies do this when competition is steep? One of their best-kept secrets is a retail roadmap. It is something you should invest in if you want to reap success in retail.

Fashion companies should always follow retail roadmaps. A retail roadmap is a set of considerations needed to make your products appealing to your customers. It is an essential part of planning. When you build a retail roadmap, you pave the way for prioritization and correct sequencing in multiple tactical initiatives. This results in a strong business structure, which:

  • Understands the functional impact on your established company.
  • Focuses on your key stratagem.
  • Re-prioritizes and adjusts based on the changes of your tactics.
  • Balances out budgets, business sources, and IT sources.

Your retail roadmap should be a set of steps that help you achieve your goal in the most efficient manner. With it, you should reach your goal within the tolerable risk levels, on time. It serves as your guide in knowing what things should be accomplished first, when they should be accomplished, and where they should take place. A retail roadmap also helps determine the people who will accomplish the tasks.

Steps in Building a Retail Roadmap

Given are the valuable steps in constructing your retail roadmap:

Build a strong foundation. To achieve a basic and strong foundation for your brand, you have to make certain that your internal and external teams follow the same playbook. Everyone should have the same explanation for your product, so that buyers have a consistent idea of your brand and your product.

Your Brand

  • Be clear about your brand.
  • Determine your brand’s position.
  • Know what you promise to your consumers.
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Have key stories (Where the brand came from)

Your Consumer Target

  • Know who you are talking to (Define a specific target market)
  • Understand consumer segments and missions (Understand your consumer’s group and missions)
  • Pinpoint behavior drivers (What influences your consumer’s decisions to buy your product? Know the need for making the product)


  • Know why the product is created.
  • Is it tailored by location?
  • Is your product relevant all-year long?

Components of a Retail Roadmap

Take note of the following components in building your retail roadmap:

  1. Environment. Involves the place where your brand lives.
  • It should clearly embody your brand.
  • Make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, so that they can accomplish their mission.
  • It should provide a good retail experience for both the employees and the customers.
  1. Visual Merchandising. This shows how your product is presented to customers, so that it shines and becomes more attractive.
  • Balances display and capacity.
  • Displays what’s new and exciting.
  • Addresses all of your services and products.
  1. Communication. Includes what you say about your brand and your product.
  • Considers all levels of communication.
  • Follows a communication hierarchy.
  • Uses the best medium for each message.
  • Is built for retail.
  1. Service. How you deliver your product,
  • It is built into your design at retail.
  • Adds value to the customer experience.
  • Demonstrates expertise and a brand point of view.
  • Delivers on the brand promise.

Once you have a good retail roadmap for your fashion company, you can be sure of a larger client pool and a more stable brand. Take the time to create your customized retail roadmap, so that your brand can become a household name.


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