Solutions For The Top 3 Digital Marketing Challenges

Marketing has gotten easier now that it has moved into the digital, but there are still plenty of difficulties and challenges faced by companies, especially in such a competitive time. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common challenges faced by the top fashion brands today, and explore some potential solutions. Perhaps you will even find your own solution here.

Problem #1: Awareness

Your ultimate goal is of course to generate leads for your sales team, but how can that happen if no one knows about you? In the early days of the internet it was a little easier to build a brand, but things have changed significantly over the years. As more and more brands appear on the internet, it seems that the potential customer base is scattered, but this is not the most dire of your problems. The biggest problem that you are likely to face, is the fact that you don’t know the proper channels to go through, or even how to fully utilize those channels.

What channels are available to you? Are you utilizing social networks? Are you blogging? Do you use affiliate links? These are the tools you need to use in today’s world, and it will take you quite far if you let it. By knowing your audience and using the right channels, you can proceed to make a huge impact and really stretch out.

Problem #2: Targeting

Who are you marketing to exactly? Do you know their likes and dislikes? Do you know what type of media they will be monitoring? Let’s say for example you are trying to target senior citizens with your product or service. Chances are they will not be using the internet outside of basic e-mail, meaning you will have to use a different means of contact. You could rely on television ads, though they are expensive, or you could move toward e-mail ads rather than simple banner ads. Most consumers use social media platforms. You can create a targeted advertising campaign that will reach your intended audience.

In order to really address the problem, you will need to develop a good picture of your target audience. In other words, try to identify their needs, figure out what they are looking for, and appeal only to them. You can’t appeal to everyone, so make sure you stay within your niche.

Problem #3: Failure to Utilize Social Media

When social media was new, most businesses had no idea how to use it. They knew that they needed to make use of it, but how? These days, most companies are on social media and they know how to turn their traffic into cold hard cash. Having a presence on a social media site isn’t enough; you need to be engaging, and you need to create leads for your business.  For this reason, you need to hire experts, and you need to make sure your business is getting the exposure that it really needs. It’s more important than you think!

These are three major problems that marketers in the fashion industry will run into. The world has become a much smaller place with more and more companies turning to the digital world for their advertisement. Make sure you’re following the bandwagon – or be left in the dust.


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Photo: Kay and Way