Recruiters Are Not Job Finders. Rebuttable Presumption?

A while back, this article, Recruiters Are Not Job Finders was all over LinkedIN. Nearly every angry recruiter was posting it like a banner of defiance. Can’t say that I entirely agree. As a niche recruiter, focusing in Fashion, Apparel and Accessories I want to know everyone in my industry. I encourage candidates to contact me if they have recently lost their job, are looking to make a change or simply want to be a part of my network. Why?


Instead of advertising my jobs I prefer reach out to The Fit network directly. If a candidate is a part of my network then I am able to contact them when an appropriate opportunity becomes available. I cannot count the number of times someone has sent their resume unsolicited and a few months later a client has a requirement that fits the candidate’s skill set.


One of the top reasons I hear for why candidates want to make a change is company culture. Tell me about it. I want to know the good and the bad. This information will help me to determine a good fit for a candidate’s next employer, saving us both time, energy and potential job dissatisfaction. I can also provide candidates with insight and direction on companies that may be a fit or those who may not.


Although I am working on a set number of positions I typically know of other available positions in the industry. I also know a lot of internal recruiters and HR professionals. I’m happy to provide candidates with this information.

True, I cannot help someone find a job. I think most people understand this concept. When candidates send me their resume or request to connect on LinkedIN I don’t think they have the expectation that I will actually find them a job. Rather they are asking for me to keep them in mind. That, I will gladly oblige. Gladly!


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