The Reason Marketers Make The Best Leaders



Traditional businesses have their CEOs leading the way to their success. Presently, as opposed to the traditional Merchant background of the past, it is evident that effective marketing is taking over the key business leadership roles. It seems that the top companies you now see have top marketing professionals in leadership. Why has this happened? What does marketing make possible?

The Realization

Excellent customer experience is the goal of every company, including those in the fashion industry. In the world of fashion, understanding and interacting with the customers is vital. Fashion companies find inspiration from their consumers. All they have to do next is come up with ways on how to keep their customers flowing. Optimizing the company’s resources is not enough anymore. The strategy should be centered on the needs of the consumer and the experience that they should have. This is where the realization of innovation enters the scene.

Marketing leaders use the new methods in understanding their consumers. These go beyond the realms of conventional market research. That is why marketing per se takes over leadership roles in every company. The people behind it perform ethnographic research. This is evident in fashion marketing. Fashion companies directly observe their customers, so that they can clearly identify the growing desires and needs. These companies can then meet the aspirational desires and trend driven needs of their customers. Seeking out customers in areas where they play, work, and live is the best method in ethnographic research.

People in marketing are keen observers because they immerse themselves into the consumer pool. Here, they learn to understand the consumers. In the end, they make decisions that lead to inventions for the targeted consumers. As opposed to the traditional Merchant background of the past, marketers do the work and lead at the same time. They know the work, do the work, and delegate the work when they need to.

What Effective Marketing Can Do to a Company

People in marketing do a considerable amount of brainstorming. In every session, they merge people from various departments, so that they can all think as one unit. This balances out curiosity with analytical thinking. Innovative solutions come from various insights. Ultimately, marketers transform ideas into valuable prototypes they can build upon.

Marketing gives birth to an idea and releases it to the waiting market as quickly as possible. This can be seen in fashion companies that constantly need new ideas. Marketers in these companies hold the key leadership roles because they know how demanding the fashion industry is. It is not enough for them to hear out suggestions or propositions on certain trends or designs. They have to see things for themselves and make sure that the resulting product satisfies the needs and wants of their clientele.

The brand then becomes more versatile and more updated in every season. Creativity is essential in business. Marketers have the innovative thinking and practical knowledge of what consumers want and need. These people come from diverse departments. They have multiple interests and capabilities.

Marketing is becoming the heart and soul of most companies, including the fashion industry. As opposed to the traditional Merchant background of the past, marketing executives typically embody a well rounded background, are able to pinpoint the needs of consumers, making them more successful in reeling in more customers and more profit.

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