Nothing Beats a Good Fit

Nothing beats a good fit. It just feels right. When placed properly, people thrive, impacting their team, company and the industry as a whole. Sound lofty? The power of a proper fit illustrates why a candidate thrives in one environment and struggles in another. The fit is a good match for a company’s culture, team dynamics, candidate’s personality, purpose, skills and natural abilities. A successful placement is about more than matching a resume to a job description. I acknowledge the invaluable chemistry between candidate, company and team. Finding talent is the easy part, something that every recruiter should be able to identify. Most of my time is spent focusing on fit.

When partnering with HR professionals and hiring managers I help them understand what they need and want from their future team member, leader and employee. This is not always easy. Often times we have one of two views; a highly conceptual notion of who this person is and how they will add value to the company or a detailed list of skills and qualifications. Neither is wrong but both are incomplete. In addition to a list of qualifications and desired skills I believe in understanding a brand’s heritage, company culture, team dynamics, consumer, and aesthetic. Finding the fit all begins with understanding and discernment. Part of my job is to help HR and hiring managers develop a comprehensive picture of the person that will be most successful in their given role and ultimately contribute to the success of the company.

As an industry leader, executive, or CEO what are your goals and ambitions for your company or brand? I’m guessing you have a list of outcome focused goals. What about human capital? Who in your company is thriving and who is struggling? Who is missing? As we begin to look at our list of goals the answers are found in the people, the employees. What could your company accomplish if each team member was maximizing their potential and thriving?

Why does the Fit exist? I believe that when people are in the right environment (for them) they will naturally impact their team members, company and the industry at large in a positive way. They will be loyal, content and they will thrive.

I help hiring managers and human resource professionals take a holistic approach to determining who they need to attract, both qualitative and quantitative aspects. I encourage candidates to develop a sense of self awareness, know their purpose, strengths and to actively pursue personal growth.

Next week we’ll talk about how to get there. How do I find the Fit?

In the meantime, here are some questions to get you thinking…

What are your goals and ambitions for your company / brand? What types of people do you need to attract to your company to be more successful? How will your company’s human capitol impact the industry?