More Money. Better Fit. How Do You Choose?

What would you do? originalLast week was a close call. My candidate received two offers days apart. Both well-known fashion retailers, same title. Despite their similarities one offer came in 10K lower than the other. Considering this individual was already facing a pay cut regardless of which company she chose due to the cost of living increase, a 10K difference in base salary intensifies the debate. In case you’re wondering about the former cost of living issue, all I can say is that’s what happens when you want to leave Ohio. Both companies eagerly waiting, hopeful for an acceptance my candidate had a difficult decision to make.

If the suspense is killing you I’ll tell you what happened so we can get to the point. She took the offer with the lower base. Are you mentally cursing her right now? Does fit matter to you?

The winning company was the better fit. Their hiring process was swift and well executed. She described her onsite interview as perfectly organized, this company was a perfect host with attention to every detail. She noticed the current employees were genuinely content, glad to be there and all had lengthy tenure. This company’s doing something right. But that wasn’t all. They promote from within and maintain a stellar reputation in the industry. She spoke with a handful of trusted colleagues and friends who had worked for this company or knew someone who had. Each confirming the company culture was hard to beat. Of course, I’d been saying this all along, and not simply because one was my client and the other was not. Pitting clients against one another is bad form and frankly, just plain wrong. I hate to say I told you so but, sometimes we need to hear from a variety of sources to validate our decision making process.

What’s the moral of this story? Money’s not everything. When faced with two or more offers, look at the big picture. In each scenario consider what your life will really be like. Will you be working so many hours that the increased base negates itself anyway? Is there a realistic possibility you will be promoted in the future? The interview process is telling of the company’s processes. Finally, people work for people. Who did you have the better connection with?

Are you sick of me asking you all these questions? Now I’m urging you, consider a 360 view before making a decision based on compensation alone. Choose the best fit.

In case it wasn’t obvious my client won the candidate. Because they rock, obviously.


Photo Credit: Gawker Assets