A Heartfelt THANK YOU to Those Who Donated to the Delicates Drive


I’ll be honest, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the number of donations we would receive from a simple and direct ask. We have received 9,322 items (bras, panties & socks) + a $250 gift card. And we have 5 more boxes on the way! I am truly overwhelmed by your immense generosity. A heartfelt THANK YOU to those who donated to our Delicates Drive.

And now for the heroes….

Randi Sedmak / Urban Outfitters
(12 items)

Emma Morgan
(19 items)

Ashley Priest / Women in Digital
(36 items)

Daveen Richardson
(55 items)

Abby Vanim, David McNally / American Eagle
(62 items)

Isabel P Castaneda
(77 items)

Loretta Covella, Gabrielle Silverberg / Global Brands Group
(100 items)

Lisa Dixon / Dreamgirl International
(100 items)

Justin Cleveland, Brandon Strong / Stance Socks
(627 items)

Elliot Lavigne, Rita Polidori O’Brien, Negean Ghods, Angelina Cabrera & Pedro Tosta / United Legwear
(7750 items)

Ranee Kamens / Simplify Me
(484 items)

Melanie Wilson / Abercrombie & Fitch
($250 gift card)