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The world is changing, or rather it has already changed in terms of science and technology. As could have been predicted rather easily, the changes in these two fields have bled over significantly into the marketing world as well as the consumer world. The way we do things has changed significantly thanks to the internet and the connections we now make on a daily basis without even thinking about them. At the beginning of this change, it could have been acceptable for a marketer to look back on the past ways of doing things, and perhaps become a bit nostalgic. As the past fades however, the only way for a company to actually survive is to move forward and embrace the future. So what has changed exactly? How does it affect marketing? More importantly, can marketers deliver amid ongoing performance pressures?

A Change in Marketing

The way that companies advertise and work their strategic planning will be forever changed. Marketing, for example, was once a batch process, but thanks to the internet, it can be considered a continuous process. Marketing is ongoing, and where there were once mall surveys, customer spending habits are now being monitored online through retailers and other websites. Along with that, customers and potential customers are being offered online surveys with reward incentive such as free electronics or coupons. This helps give marketers a better idea of how a company should develop projects and most importantly how they should proceed with hiring.

So what exactly does hiring have to do with it? More than you think, actually. Instead of marketers that are verse in the old ways, you, as a company, need to hire those who are more familiar with the technical side of things. A tech savvy marketing crew will help bring your company to new heights. So with all of that being said, can a marketing team really expect to keep up with the mounting pressure? It doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as one would think.

How to Keep up in a Digital World

There are a few different questions you need to ask yourself if you want to keep up with the rest of the world as far as marketing is concerned. Science and technology has changed the way that everyone needs to think, and as the song once said: ‘The Times they are a Changing’. The first question should pertain to whether or not you are taking science into account and using that research data to find new insights. Remember, data that was effective last month, or perhaps even yesterday will quickly become useless, which should prompt you to compile new information each day.

One thing to note is that businesses need to tell a story with their brand. Stories are what people want to see. They want an example of how someone can benefit from your brand or how it has affected someone in the real world. A story can easily change the way a customer looks at you, and can actually boost your sales. It’s all about being relatable and being part of the conversation now.

Finally, how fast do you make it to market? While it is very important for you to do your research, you should consider the fact that customers will flock to your competition if they make it first, no matter how much brand loyalty you have built up. This is something to think about as the old world becomes a memory and strategic planning changes.

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Photo: Clara Bridge