Marketing Solutions For The Digital Revolution

Marketing executives are faced with unique challenges in today’s marketing environment for a number of different reasons. The world is changing, first of all, meaning new advertising methods need to be adopted if a company is to actually survive. How is the world changing exactly? What does it mean?

The world is becoming digital, and as a result, it is becoming much smaller. This has an interesting effect on businesses as they are able to reach out further, and this is especially interesting for smaller companies that do not have the same resources as their larger competitors. Thanks to the power of the internet, virtually anyone can become a success so long as they capitalize on the opportunities they have been presented with.

This is great news for marketing executives, of course, as they will be able to reach a greater audience with less effort. It does, however, mean that every other company will be doing the exact same thing, ultimately forcing you to not only be on your guard against other companies, but to make sure you are using the same techniques, or even better techniques than they are using. Keeping up is hard to do, but let’s go over some of the most common new methods in today’s world so that you will not only learn to spread the word about your company, but turn your views into conversions.

Views vs. Conversions

Proper marketing will get you both views and conversions, but the journey between the two can be difficult, to say the least. What is the difference between a view and a conversion exactly? A view is exactly what it sounds like: someone looking at your webpage or product though they may not take the leap toward buying the product. A conversion ends in the customer making a purchase, and perhaps even coming back for more. Getting from the view to the conversion requires a bit of work on your part.

Solutions for Marketing Executives

The best solution for marketing executives in this case is to gather as much information on the consumer as possible. In today’s market, it is best to do that through electronic means. Sending a survey card through the mail is obviously not effective, but you can collect online surveys from your customers by offering them various incentives. Some surveys might offer free merchandise such as t-shirts, or even electronics. Surveys do not always have to be so inclusive of rewards, however. You can actually just monitor customer trends on your own website, or purchase the information from a company that specializes in data collection. This is information that will take both you and your company far, ensuring that you are marketing to the right crowd, and perhaps finding new customers to appeal to.

Remember that surveys are not the only tool at your disposal. There are plenty of other ways for you to market, from social networking, all the way to e-mail. It is critical that you use every tool available to you, and ensure that your customers are able to interact with you. As the world continues to change, new tools will become available to you, and you will need to not only adapt, but learn how to best use them to your advantage. It's time for a change.


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Photo: Clara Bridge