Lunchtime Therapy for Under $20 Dollars

lunch time Work can get crazy busy. Sometimes just crazy. How do we maintain our sanity during challenging seasons? Well, by skipping out on work occasionally. You heard me. Taking an occasional break from the work day to do something other than that which is listed on your task list is immensely beneficial to gaining perspective and emotional wellbeing.

About 6 months ago I started meeting with one of my besties once a month for lunch. Although both of our schedules are packed we mutually agreed that our relationship was valuable and worthy of time set aside for us to connect face to face. No matter how massive my work load is on the day of our lunch dates I never cancel or reschedule. I know that the work will always be there. Relationships are more important.

We have no set agenda; we’re not networking or discussing professional plans. We just talk. About everything. There’s nothing like having an authentic conversation with a true friend. We’re talking serious therapy for less than $20. Who can beat that?

Afterwards I always feel refreshed with a new perspective. Suddenly the worries or challenges of the day seem to shrink. Our meetings give provide me with a routine escape that I can look forward to and count on. People talk about taking vacations to obtain this sense of relief but I would argue that quality time with a good friend can do just the same.

Worried about how you’ll pull off a mid-day office escape? For starters block it out on your calendar. That way your coworkers won’t be wondering where you’re at or go looking for you. Most companies are flexible with start times and lunch breaks. If you’re worried about making up the time maybe you come in an hour early or stay an hour late one day. I’m willing to bet that your boss won’t mind you taking an extra hour once a month as long as your work gets done. People work out and go to doctor’s appointments over lunch. Why not have a meaningful conversation with a friend?


Photo Credit: Daily Mail