How LinkedIn Groups Will Get You Your Dream Job

How many LinkedIn groups are you a member of? Two, five, 10? Did you know that you can belong to as many as 50 LinkedIn groups? True story, LinkedIn allows each user to join up to 50 groups of their own choosing. You may be wondering, why on earth would I want to belong to so many groups?

Spoiler alert, I’ll tell you why joining as many LinkedIn groups as you are able may actually help you find a job that is not posted on any job board including LinkedIn. I’m not saying that if you join a lot of groups you’ll get a job but your chances of being contacted by recruiters and hiring managers will exponentially increase. Here’s why. When sourcing a search for potential candidates I run an advanced search for specific titles coupled with a target company.

First, let me back up and define the term source. Sourcing talent is recruiter jargon for identifying talent, or mining names. This is often done through a company database as well as LinkedIn. Before a recruiter can contact a prospective candidate we have to know who you are; including your name, title and current employer. At The Fit we source both our database as well as our LinkedIn network.

Why LinkedIn Groups:

Back to the sourcing process. Once I’ve identified a specific candidate I’d like to contact on LinkedIn I look for one of three ways to contact you directly. The first is your current employer. If it’s a well known established company I can often email directly if I know your company’s email format. For example, Easy, right? If I don’t know the format I’ll check to see if we share a group. If we do, then I can email you through LinkedIn via the shared group. Lastly, if neither of the former apply then I will consider sending you what LinkedIn refers to as an inMail. If you own a paid account, which most recruiters do, you can opt to inMail anyone on LinkedIn which sounds super convenient and effective. A few things about inMails. Paid accounts have a set number of inMails that can be sent each month, sometimes 25, 50 or more so a recruiter must be selective in whom they chose to use these precious forms of communication with.

That brings me to why being a member of as many LinkedIn groups as possible is a good thing. Sending messages to a shared group member or candidate is free; there’s no risk involved. That means that I am much more likely to email you directly if we share a group. See how that works? The more groups you join, the more likely you are to share a group with recruiter or hiring manager, hence making you more accessible to contact on LinkedIn.

How To Capitalize on LI Groups:

So how do you know which groups to join? A few basics. The most obvious, always join groups that pertain to your industry. Secondly, join appropriate market segments. For example, if you’ve always worked in the outdoor industry, joining Fashionista Café is probably not the best use of those allotted groups.

Finally, choose a group that is specific to your job function or product of focus. For example, if you’re a handbag designer, you might want to join, Luxury Handbags. Patternmakers should consider joining Patternmakers and Graders group. From there you may want to consider joining a number of more broad and inclusive groups that cross market segments and functions. Obviously, joining groups with several thousand members are best. Chances are a recruiter or hiring manager will also be a member.

I recommend being both strategic and liberal in selecting groups. It’s free, it’s easy and requires no ongoing maintenance. Will joining a group help you get a job? Not exactly, but it will make you more accessible to a hidden layer of jobs in the market that typically only executive recruiters have access to.

There are literally hundreds of groups to choose from. To make the selection process easier we’ve listed a few of our favorites.

Broad Focus

·Women’s Wear Daily (58,939 members)

·Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Professionals Worldwide (156,777 members)

·Luxury & Lifestyle Professionals (139,343 members)

·The Business of Fashion (22,841 members)

·Apparel & Accessory Jobs (43,052 members)

·Retail Industry Professionals Group (325,554 members)

Market Segment

·Premium Denim Jeans (2,237 members)

·Intimate Apparel Professionals (3,547 members)

·Footwear Industry (20,465 members)

·Luxury Handbags (4,432 members)

·Sports Industry Network (138,502 members)

·Outdoor Sporting Goods Connection (15,718 members)

·SoCal Action Sports Connection (5,832 members)

Job Function

·Ecommerce and Online Marketing Experts (51,222 members)

·Gerber Technology - CAD Solutions (1,378 members)

·Retail Management (113,372 members)

·Textile Designers (19,087 members)

·All Retail Executive Network (53,156 members)


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