Leaders in Company Culture Do This To Keep Top Talent

A great job is more than just a great paycheck. It is more than an insurance benefit or a well laid out promotion plan. People today want to feel that their job contributes something and adds value to the world in general. Most of all, people want their job to be fun and interesting, not stress provoking given that they spend more than 50% of their lives at work.

The company culture defines what the mission and goals of the company are and how well new recruits or hires are going to fit in. Many companies do not have well defined company cultures and it can cost them heavily in terms of who is going to apply to their company. In today's climate, we need the best and brightest. A well defined company culture can assure that those people look at your company when actively seeking new employment.

Job hunting today means looking at more than just the company benefits and the company salary. More than half of all job seekers say that they investigate a company they are considering. They actively seek them out on social media and in news items to see where they stand, what their company culture is and how they will fit into it.

According to Glassdoor, the top retail and fashion companies with the best overall company culture are these major players.


The company has a long history and was begun way back in 1938. It was originally a co-op and has about 120+ stores that span 31 states. There are more than 11000 workers and amazingly enough, their reviews state that many of them are "very satisfied" with their jobs and give the company a 4 out of 5 approval. In addition REI achieved a 90 percent approval rating from the employees. REI is the place to be if you're looking for a fun and innovative company who takes their employee contributions seriously.


With more than 117 stores, they earned a 3.6 out of 5 on their employee reviews. According to one employee,  “Commission based sales allow for the employee to dictate his/her own paycheck. Nordstrom will only promote from within; There is much room for growth with this company. They offer great benefits, paid time off accruals and a healthy work-life balanced culture” That's the kind of environment that many candidates are looking for andthe overall approval of their company execs seems quite high too.

Candidates who are looking for retail fashion companies with a strong company culture and a solid history, REI and Nordstrom's seem like the two places where you can't miss. Their employee ratings and their overall profit statements should serve as a lesson to all of us on the importance of a strong and well-defined culture and of valuing our employees.


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Photo: REI