Is Poor Digital Presence Slowing Your Conversion Rates?

The Consequences of Poor or no Digital Media Marketing

We've all heard the term social media marketing. It's a phrase that is common in every industry today. Why is it necessary and what does it have to offer the fashion industry?

Digital media has turned the business of fashion upside down. Fashion retail has been reeling since the advent of social media and digital marketing. As is often the case, most companies turned their attention to the actual media. They were progressing steadily and continue to do so. Burberry, as a good example, became a master of the "in the trenches" conversations with consumers. Tiffany began a mobile media application known as the engagement ring finder.  It was uncharted territory for them and they were making the most of it.

Many companies did not follow suit. For others who did and are continuing to do so, some aren't getting the most out of the digital media marketing opportunities. The issue lies in the fact that once they arrive in that new territory known as social media, many company heads, fashion directors or marketers for the company are in unfamiliar territory. They aren't in the least savvy about how to navigate all those new spaces.

Digital media has remade the way in which we communicate with our consumers. In fact, it's probably fair to say that social media has created the way in which we communicate with our customers.

The customer today is growing used to companies that offer them sale pricing via SMS or applications. They are accustomed to companies who will answer their questions on social media or live chat applications. Brands and retailers need to be communicating with their customers today. Those who do not are going to fail or lag behind those who do.

In a digital age, the model for a successful business must include digital communication and offerings.  It's a far smaller world than it has ever been. Information is everywhere. Those who provide the most information in return for their customers business are going to do the most trade. When something that a specific designer is working on shows up on digital media, customers react. They see, they desire and they buy, it's as simple as that.

If you're not showing your customers what you're doing, offering them the means to get their hands on your work, your competition is. The consequences of not having a good digital marketing campaign today are, bluntly speaking, that you're going to lose to those who do. If your competition is working hard to share their products and services on social media, offering a wide range of programs that make it easy for customers to see and to hear about new products and services they are getting noticed. You need to be emulating their actions and putting your own stamp on them, making your products and services part of the digital limelight.

Social media is the wave of the future.. Ride the wave or sink.


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