Increase Your Conversion Rates With This One Tactic


Sometimes, an innocent window shopper can turn into an unexpected buyer. This phenomenon is common in retail stores. Fashion somehow has a strong influence in those who just came to “check out” some things at a store. The same thing can happen when you visit online retailers. One moment you are just browsing. The next thing you know, you are in the checkout page, entering your payment information. How does this happen? How does a fashion retailer transform an unsuspecting site visitor into a customer?

Every online business has techniques to attract customers. The most effective ones know their visitors well enough to come up with creative promos. These present their visitors, certain incentives whenever they purchase something from the site. Targeted offers give your website visitors the power to make their purchases more worth their time and money. As a result, more customers funnel into your site. Once they decide that your products are of great value for their money, they end up waltzing their way to your checkout page.

How do you materialize this kind of dream stream of activity in your fashion site? Read on and find out!

Section your site visitors

When you manage an online retailer, it is important for you to cater to your clients’ diverse needs. This can be a challenge, since you cannot conduct a one-on-one conversation to each of hundreds or even thousands of visitors. It becomes more daunting when your visitors increase exponentially. Sectioning comes in handy in solving this dilemma.

Fashion site visitors can very well be at the top of the funnel or at the bottom of the funnel. All you have to do is to study and determine the purchasing behavior of your visitors. Those at the bottom of the purchase funnel are just waiting for something to fall into the checkout page. If you come up with a smart promotion, then you can have more purchases every single day.

Sectioning your fashion site visitors involves grouping together those who are like-minded. These visitors behave similarly. You van base your groupings on many factors, such as those who have just visited the site, those who have already made successful purchases, or those who keep on visiting a certain page. Take note that customers who have bought something before can buy something again.

Acting on sectioning

Once you have grouped your visitors, create tailored messaging to target each group. The special messages have to make sense to the groups of visitors that you have. Take note that messages for new visitors should be different from messages for guests who have bought something before. Sectioning your site visitors does not always get many quick interactions, yet you know you are bringing them lower into that purchase funnel. Sending emails with promo codes or price cut-off announcements can turn visitors into conversion. If you manage to release the correct message at the right time, you gain more profit.


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Photo: PR Newswire