Increase Effectiveness With These 5 Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing: Tools for Digital Marketing Executives

A digital marketing executive searches daily for the best way to create, analyze and produce positive results for his company through online marketing efforts. Similar to a carpenter, this executive accomplishes the job more efficiently with the proper tools. Tools exist today that provide help with a number of different tasks from content curation to managing social media input and feedback. If you are a digital marketing executive, you need to seek out the right tools to assist you in your tasks.

1. Curata

Curata provides a Content Marketing Platform and Content Curation Software to allow you to perform content marketing in an effective manner. You will be able to perform tasks ranging from analyzing the impact of the company's marketing and sales pipeline to publishing and promoting company content.

2. Rankwatch

Rankwatch provides a full line of features to increase a company's effectiveness in digital marketing such as:

  • Rank tracking will display the company's current ranking with 177 search engines with the website's present keywords
  • Website analysis audits and evaluates the website to discover the strengths and weaknesses of its design and effectiveness, and it will determine whether or not the website is mobile-friendly
  • Discovers and optimizes keywords that the company already has success with, but this feature also discovers new, effective keywords for the company digital marketing efforts
  • A backlink analyzer calculates backlinks within a matter of seconds according to various, relevant parameters
  • CEO or agency dashboard provides management and control over the features

3. QuillEngage

QuillEngage provides Google Analytics reports that are easy for you to understand. You receive instant insight, relevant analysis and actionable advice to improve your company's performance in the digital arena.

4. Sidekick by Hubspot

Sidekick provides you with in-depth insight into your contacts from your email inbox. You will be able to build and maintain important relationships with the integrated email tools that Sidekick includes in its services. View your contacts' email and professional histories along with other important facts. Learn which contacts open your emails through the email-tracking feature. The feature even tells you how often the contacts view the same email, what device they are using, when they read it, and where they are at the time. Schedule when to send emails or send yourself reminders. In addition, Sidekick will notify you when a recipient receives your email according to your schedule.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers social media management capability to all types of businesses and organizations. Manage your social media pages in an efficient manner through scheduling messages, interacting with your target audience and even keep track of your ROI from your Hootsuite dashboard.

Let this information be a starting point for your executive search for effective tools to assist you in your efforts with digital marketing. Do not risk failure by not using the best methods possible throughout your journey to reach your company's goals. Instead, increase the bottom line just by utilizing the right tools, such as the ones mentioned above.


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Photo: Curata