Consider Icebreaker. They Get It.


Last Wednesday I attended the Athletic Outdoor Young Professionals kick-off event, held at the trendy Urban Studio. The room was packed, as in, can’t get through the crowd packed. I was pleased to see so many from people out in support of the local industry. Attendance was so great that AOYP founder and committee chair, Taylor Hinshaw noted that next time, they plan to find a larger venue. “We want you to know that it’s okay for someone from Nike to have a beer with someone from adi (adidas),” Hinshaw encouraged. In the spirit of community, Keynote speaker, Jeremy Moon co-founder and President of Icebreaker shared candid stories of humble beginnings, challenges and his vision for the brand. Jeremy Moon’s Path to Portland is an inspiring story, one that many entrepreneurs can relate to on one level or another. Moon’s story was motivating and informative, I even found myself making notes for my own business, but the real stand out of the evening was Rob Fyfe, Icebreaker Chairman. As a retained search recruiter I’ve gotten to know dozens of industry leaders at this level and understand the company cultures from which they lead. I can tell you that the majority does not focus on fit; seeking talent that’s a good match for a company’s culture, team dynamics, candidate’s personality, purpose, skills and natural abilities. But that’s just what Fyfe believes. He shared that at Icebreaker, they look for people who are a good fit for their brand, lifestyle and culture. Someone who is going to get along well with the team. He emphasized the importance of the people in their company. He’s right, Nothing Beat’s A Good Fit. When placed properly, people thrive, impacting their team, company and the industry as a whole. This is a fundamental belief of mine, one I’ve chosen to build my name and business on. It’s one of the top reasons why exceptional talent is either unhappy in their current role or doesn’t receive an offer during the hiring process. They simply were not a good fit. Finding talent is the easy part, our industry is filled with wildly talented professionals. Portland, in my very biased opinion is no exception. I’ll say it again, finding talent is the easy part, finding the proper fit, is quite another. It requires understanding and discernment. Hearing this from Fyfe, a key leader in an organization I personally respect was pardon the cliché, music to this little recruiter’s ears. It’s speaks volumes when spoken from the top. So what do I think you should do? Maybe you should consider Icebreaker for your next opportunity. They get it.


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