How To Reach More Customers Through Mobile Commerce

Ecommerce designs are now dependent on mobility. The mobile commerce experience is given much emphasis, especially when it comes to getting more customers. Most consumers demand more from online businesses while they are on the go. That is why retailers should focus on reaching out to mobile customers.

Mobile commerce is seen as an opportunity to show more and sell more of your products. It is the best way to reach out to more potential buyers. If you want to provide an excellent mobile experience to your site’s guests, then you should be prepared to make the necessary changes. If you already have the mobile commerce strategy, next thing you should do is find out the trends that influence or affect that strategy.

1. SEO

Your local SEO is locked in on giving results to users or guests, depending on their location. Most people are always on the go, so expect mobile inquiries and logins in your website. They often use their phones in searching for any information they need. If your guest searches for the nearest boutique in the area and your store happens to be close, then you may show up at the top of the search.

2. Near Field Communications (NFC) and Beacons

NFC and beacons are transmitters, capable of delivering targeted information to any mobile user. As long as they have the enabled app and they are near the transmitter, they are sure to get the personalized messages. iBeacon has been introduced by Apple as their version of a beacon. This is installed in their stores. With it, the customers are happily greeted as they enter the Apple store. At the same time, they receive promotions and product information. They can also pay without even getting in line anymore.

Beacons allow retailers to deliver targeted messages to their clients. They are brilliant bridges from online to offline stores.

3. Barcodes

You can scan barcodes with your own camera. Items inside the home can be scanned and then added to the shopping basket.

4. Mobile payment methods

Offline payments such as cash and checks are starting to become obsolete. Mobile payment methods via mobile devices are quick and convenient. With just a few clicks, your customers can pay for that outfit or pair of earrings in a few seconds, while they’re waiting for their blended coffee drink at the mall.

5. Mobile responsive emails

Many brands are now ensuring that their promotional emails can be seen through small smart phone screens. If your website can load quickly in smart phones, then you are sure to haul in more profit.

6. 4G connection

Fast Internet connectivity also affects mobile commerce because mobile consumers expect your page to load faster than on their desktop computers.

7. Aversion to Apps

Mobile consumers would rather go to your business site to order that dress than download an app to get it. Connectivity is made stronger by smart phones and other mobile devices. Apps are beginning to die off.

8. Innovative and simple design of mobile sites If you want a responsive smart phone version of your fashion website, make it simple. Remove all the fluff that you have in your desktop version. The simpler interface allows faster page loading. It does not divert the page or show errors to customers or guests. A company can always count on mobile commerce in getting more conversion.


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Photo: Equals Creative