How To Incite A Creative Revolution in Your Company

Wanna Start an Innovation Revolution? How to Think and Work Differently to Innovate

Playing it safe and staying with the status quo seems like the thing to do to stay in business. While you might stay in business, your company won't grow much. The only way a business can keep growing is to be innovative.

Being innovative doesn't necessarily mean coming up with new products all the time. It can be in other ways, small ways that catch attention. A little something extra that gets people talking about your business goes a long way without being a big risk.

Innovation that reaches company-wide often starts small and builds from there. One innovation that catches fire can be all that is needed to start an innovation revolution and get an entire company to work and think in a different way.

How do you get this innovative way of doing business started?

Collaboration is one of the principle ways. Getting the most creative people in the company together for some creative brainstorming will get the collaboration going. Communication and flexibility are also key elements. Though it seems cliche, the idea is to think "outside the box" to find ways of doing things that are fresh and new.

Even though the fashion industry depends on new styles each season, designers can get in a rut and not change much from a previous season. This might work for a short period of time but people begin to lose interest in a particular collection if it doesn't show much innovation after a while. Taking the safe route and staying with what worked well before doesn't work for long at all in the fashion industry, even though this happens in the industry more than not.

Even when the products have changed or improved, when you present them in the same way old products were fewer customers take notice of them. Creating innovative, new ways of presenting both new and old products will make a dramatic difference in the way the products are perceived by the consumers, making them stop and take notice. Even with small changes this has a huge impact.

A team of collaborators should start with taking a good look at what has been done before, both within the company and by competitors. Repeating the same thing only leads to a lack of enthusiasm in the market. Toss around ideas, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. You can find ways to use them, even it's a modified version of the idea. The ideas can even be used in different ways, in other aspects of the company.

Getting feedback on new ideas pre-implementation is another important step. This allows you to edit and adjust the ideas before going out to the public. Someone seeing it for the first time could deliver a fresh perspective that would make it even more innovative.

When creative collaboration is encouraged within a company, an innovation revolution builds. Before you know it, fresh ideas that carry the company to new growth start to happen often. Of course, there's always a risk implementing new ideas, and not every new idea will work as well as it seemed it would. However a business that won't take a bit of risk can stagnate and grow stale. No risk, no reward.


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