How These 5 Companies Won Digital Marketing

With old advertising methods being tossed out and 70% of marketers allocating more budget to digital advertising along with social media advertising, the need for innovation is at an all-time high. The old ways are fading, and digital marketing campaigns are quickly becoming the way of the future. Recently, several digital marketing winners not only showed the world that digital marketing was feasible, they did it using new forms of innovation that should serve to inspire anyone. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and examine precisely what they did.


The popular sport apparel brand took a significant interest in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. To promote it, they created a series of YouTube videos. Collaborating with several well-known soccer players, they were able to create a Twitter campaign that engaged customers and users like never before. With the #AllIn tag they convinced users to commit, and with that, they gained a neat 5.2 million increase in followers. Those numbers are nothing to laugh at.


This fashion retailer also used a unique tag, #AW15, to bring users together. For this they set up a live stream for their catwalk show, and allowed users to take snippets of the show that they enjoyed, sharing their favorite outfits on Facebook. While an individual with video editing experience might not find this to be especially impressive, there are those who appreciate having this ability. Users were also given the opportunity to download the music directly from the catwalk, making the event a truly interactive experience.

Marc Jacobs

This world famous fashion designer is another master social media user. During their campaign, users were able to claim deluxe samples of the Daisy Fragrance perfume by using the hashtag provided. Users could also post the most inspiring photos on Twitter, using the hashtag for a chance to win both Marc Jacobs bags and jewelry.


Though they already had a strong social media presence, they managed to strengthen it recently by allowing users to purchase items right off the catwalk. More than 8,000 tweets were sent about their brand, and Burberry was the number one brand on Twitter during fashion week.


Using social media, Gap promoted a few deals, such as $50 worth of Gap apparel for $25. By using social media to promote those deals, gap was able to bring in $11 million, selling 441,000 groupons. New and old customers alike can attest to the effectiveness of this campaign.

The use of social media is not only helpful for your marketing, it is convenient to the customer. Having access to the latest deals and the best advertisements at any time, day or night, will help customers to make quick decisions and come back to your brand again and again. Take the lessons from these highly successful distributors and build a strong brand with digital marketing.


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Photo: Knight Studios