How Millennials Are Getting Savvy About Strategic Approach

o-MILLENNIALS-JOBS-facebook-1024x512I’m getting the sense that young people today are getting ahead of the curve when it comes to the job search. In the past week I’ve been contacted by two college students requesting informational interviews about the industry. In my ignorance I assumed their questions would pertain to daily life, advice for being successful and the like. While those questions emerged during the interview, the focus was clearly elsewhere. Both individuals focused the bulk of their questions around determining a strategic approach to finding a good fit. When I graduated from college most of my peers were concerned about finding a job within our field. As long as it came with a salary and benefits we were thrilled. Find a job and climb. That was the goal and that’s what we did. My perspective has changed significantly over the years as I suppose we each discover what’s truly meaningful. Ironically, more than a decade later I spend the majority of my time focusing on that simple, yet powerful truth; nothing beats a good fit.

While I’m confident that the new crop of talent wants to earn a living and accomplish their career goals, finding an appropriate cultural fit seems to resonate at a louder volume within the millennial demographic. I’m hearing more concern over finding the right employer that aligns with their values, personality and lifestyle.

New talent still values achieving desired career goals but doesn’t want to sacrifice cultural fit. One student asked whether it’s just as important for someone who is new to the industry to focus on the right fit, or is it better to get experience anywhere possible. For this individual, gaining design experience in a range of women’s apparel categories was critical. How does one know which companies are more likely to offer specialized vs. diverse experience? While cultural fit carries immense currency, achieving their desired career goals weighed heavily in the decision making process.

When I landed my first real job at a Fashion Modeling agency as a booking agent I never considered how accepting this role would limit or advance future opportunities. Finding the right combination of career opportunities, cultural fit and brand association are critical. Today’s young talent seems to get it, considering all factors.

So, you’re not a recent college grad, a millennial or just starting out. So what? How does this affect you? The bigger question is how will companies respond to the increasing demand for a well-defined company culture?


Photo Credit: Huffington Post