How Cloud Technology Could Help You Generate Billions

Regardless of company size, today’s companies deal with a global supply chain. The complex supply chain often makes management difficult. Companies often try to solve this problem by bringing together various systems to deal with sales, accounting, order management, warehouse, etc. By using multiple systems, companies end up with an incomplete business view, business complexity and inefficiency, lack of necessary, timely information, and the cost of business goes out of control. Instead of time being spent on activities that drive business, companies spend all their time dealing with all of different systems and the challenges they bring with them.

It’s always difficult to compete successfully in the fashion industry, and success requires the perfect combination of quality products, effort, dedication, and passion. Unfortunately, smaller organizations often have to use crucial personnel sources to managing the company’s IT instead of focusing those individuals on driving more business to the company. For smaller retailers, leveraging cloud technology has the power to level the playing field, resulting in success.

Using cloud technology offers smaller fashion brands the ability to drive better efficiency by automating the company’s business processes. Leveraging the cloud also helps companies find new ways to cut costs, manage cash flow, cut overhead, and drive top line and bottom line improvements. With the cloud, companies are able to have a complete view of the business. The cloud also helps streamline dynamic processes. Companies also benefit from the ability to access information anywhere and anytime. Most importantly, using cloud technology also helps companies to lower the costs of operations.

Why should your fashion company consider the cloud now? Here are just a few of the benefits of using the cloud:

  • Reliable Backup – You’re better protected from natural disasters and it’s easier to get your business up and running after a problem.
  • Flexibility – You’ll be able to easily manage other pieces of your business.
  • Accessibility – You can access your information no matter where you are located.
  • Ability to Outsource Non-core Business – If IT isn’t your strong point, you have the ability to outsource items that aren’t core to your business.
  • Improved Communication – It’s easier to communicate across all levels of the business.
  • Less Administration – Your company will spend less time dealing with administrative tasks.
  • Ramp Up Quickly When Needed – The cloud can be ramped up quickly when your company begins to grow.

One example of how cloud technology can level the playing field is GoPro. Today, everyone knows who GoPro is, but GoPro started as a small seven-employee company. GoPro used cloud technology to begin build their company infrastructure. The company also used cloud technology to increase the reach of their product, from online retailers to big box retailers while also ensuring that customers could purchase direct. Since GoPro implemented cloud technology, they went from a small start up to a billion dollar company.

Another company that has seen success with cloud technology is Ibex. The company was expecting growth and began to use cloud software. After leveraging cloud technology, the company had a huge boost in warehouse output, they saw 50% growth, and they saved thousands of dollars compared to using a sever-based system.

From processing orders to managing marketing opportunities, cloud technology has the potential to help smaller companies with every aspect of their business. Cloud technology offers small companies the ability to focus on what they do best, increasing company growth, reducing costs, and increasing profits.


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