Here’s To The Crazy Ones

the-crazy-onesHas anyone else been feeling a little crazy lately? I’m not talking about our overloaded work schedules. I’m pointing to that underlying sense of doubt, questioning oneself. Why am I doing this? Is this plan really going to work? Last Friday evening around 7pm I was planted firmly in front of my laptop deeply engaged in self-doubt when a close friend and industry pro who I thoroughly respect and admire sent me a youtube link to The Crazy Ones. Over the past few weeks I have been planning a number of new initiatives for The Fit. Not with the intention of financial growth, although should that produce additional revenue I’m certainly not opposed. Rather with the purpose of developing a deeper connection to the people who represent our industry. Unconventional and counter intuitive, these plans would soon become action without little sense as to whether or not such ideas would be well received, let alone successful. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to take the chance. Inspiration can come from many sources, but this one minute clip took the cake. It reminded me that it’s okay for all of us to be different. To want to change things. To at least attempt to overcome the status quo.

When I entered the search business in 2007 I had no idea what it meant or how things worked. Working for a mega search firm the transactional business model was often preached and readily enforced. A high volume of calls over depth of relationships felt foreign and inauthentic. It became clear as to why our profession maintained an often less than upstanding reputation for being distrustful and purely motivated by money as opposed to caring for the well-being and best interest of candidates and clients. What on earth had I gotten myself into?

Repeatedly in the principal’s office at my former job because I couldn’t swallow the notion of making 60+ mind numbing calls a day while my phone time was being tracked. Typically skipping morning meetings themed around overcoming objections, aka forcing jobs and candidates down candidates and clients throats. Why was executive search so opposed to a relational model?

When I left the firm nearly 6 years ago I decided to give recruiting another shot. But this time I would do things a bit differently. A way in which I felt comfortable and that aligned with my values. While I have been criticized plenty by the search community for an unconventional approach, I have always held the belief that our profession could be changed for the good. Providing insight, making connections, offering advice and genuinely partnering with both sides of the interview desk should be part of the daily toil. That standard. Not the exception. But what if there was more?

People are paramount. Fit is a necessity, not an optional side dish.

As we move into our next phase I’ll likely watch the video a few more times to remind myself that it’s okay to be crazy. Sometimes.