Fun With Words

buzzwords to stop using Maybe I have an abnormal sense of humor but when I read this article on the top 15 words hiring managers never want to see on your resume, I had a good, long laugh.

According to the article more than 2200 hiring managers compiled a list of 15 words they consider to be among the worst terms to have on your resume.

The complaint stemmed from the lack of substance that say nothing of your experience, achievements and personal successes. So why do we use these generic words on our resume? They seem like a good idea at the time and they’re probably even true.

But, I’m going to take it one step further and argue that there may also be some unintentional, undeserving negative meanings attached to the overuse of these generic phrases.

The next time you update your resume consider a hiring manger’s translation of the most annoying key words.


Best of breed

Not to be confused with Best in Breed. Woof. Woof.


That guy from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Think outside of the box

Exempt from the rules.


Cannot work independently.

Go-to person

Drama queen.

Thought leadership

Big ego.

Value add

Are we selling Happy Meals?


Look at me. Look at me.

Team player

Does not play nice in the sandbox.


Doesn’t care about the people only numbers.

Hard worker

As opposed to lazy?

Strategic thinker

Cannot be bothered with menial tasks such as email or meeting invites.


Multiple personalities.


Does not require adult supervision.


Cannot see the big picture.


Photo Credit: Slideshare