The Power of a Global Network


I’m staring at the wall in my living room. From ceiling to floor it’s filled with cardboard boxes nearly the entire width of the room. Each box is packed full of undergarments in their various assortment of size, color and style. They’re all for the Delicates Drive. And they all came from you, our powerhouse network of individuals whose generosity has made this possible.

Now in the homestretch of the Drive, I’m eagerly anticipating this weekend’s “sorting party” (and yes, it’s a celebration where we will hand deliver (via commercial size delivery van) all 90+ boxes to the League office to be sorted and counted alongside committee members who will bring the items they have collected in our community from friends, family and fellow League members. I undoubtedly expect this will be the biggest effort in the Drive’s history. The impact, unprecedented. The best part? Distributing our collection efforts to community partners. I cannot wait to see their faces.  

In some ways I will be sad to see the boxes depart from my living room as it’s a daily reminder of the power of a global network and the immense generosity of those who have so selflessly donated. This is the shit that matters.