eCommerce Questions and Answers

If you’ve purchased an item online, there’s a good chance you believe you have experienced the future direction of shopping. While digital commerce is certainly a part of the future of shopping, this doesn’t really scratch the surface. To help you gain some additional insight, here are a few questions and answers on this topic.

Question: Which Brands Have Digital Commerce Down to a Science?

Answer: The truth is, several brands are handling different segments of digital commerce well. As of now, no single entity has mastered the art. Although,  more are working towards a seamless customer experience where customers are having an exceptional experience.

Question: Realistically, What Elements are the Most Important for a Major Company to Have Success in Digital Commerce?

Answer: The entire digital commerce landscape goes beyond just one element. It begins with a major brand coming in and opening the doors for others. This brand then brings in social channels and builds a powerful platform that brings customers to it.  The consumer than can view products, differentiate between several options and review the content in a single location.

Question: Are Traditional Retailers Out of Luck with digital Commerce, Or Can They Use it To Boost Sales?

Answer: Yes, a brick and mortar company can find success in a digital landscape. To do this, they do need to drive online traffic to their website and reach out beyond their local market. Doing this requires having exceptional SEO skills and some kind of brand leverage. You may also want to include things like PPC advertising and ads on social media.

Question: How Can Physical Retailers Adapt to the Changing Shopping Landscape?

Answer: Online retailers don’t want you to know this, but the truth is most purchases still happen in a physical store. More brick and mortar locations are not only presenting their inventory in a better manner, but they are choosing to be more experimental with what they have in stock. Physical locations have an advantage, because provide instant gratification to a customer, who doesn’t have to wait a long period of time to obtain an item. They also aren’t faced with shipping fees either built into the price of an item for “free shipping” or on top of the low prices that are listed.

Question: Should I Turn to Amazon to Sell My Fashion Products Online?

Answer: If you are an established company, no. While Amazon is a great place to sell your products, there is a downside to using them. First, you lose some of the margin you would make off an item. Secondly, you end up losing valuable customer data.

Question: What Role Will Brick and Mortar Stores Play In the Future of Shopping

Answer: Realistically, your physical retail locations aren’t going anywhere. While the number of major brand stores like JC Penny’s, Macy’s and similar locations might dwindle to offset costs, there will always be a physical location open for consumers to go to. After all, if you need a dress in two hours for a major interview or event, you can’t order from somewhere like Amazon and still make it to the event on time. Keep that in mind, the next time someone tells you that digital sales will doom traditional shopping.


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