Drive In Top Talent With This One Tip

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself wondering why don’t companies put more effort into showcasing their culture. Companies spend a fortune marketing their products to customers to entice them to purchase it. Why wouldn’t they spend a fraction of the same funds to entice top tier talent to work for their company?

While there was a time that people were easily swayed knowing there were health benefits and vacation time with an employer, that isn’t a factor any longer. Today, millennials want to know more about the culture of a company. Fortunately, some of the major corporations are offering more information on their websites. They touch on the history of the company, their facilities and give some insight into the personality of the corporation.

When you go in for an interview, the Human Resources department isn’t shy about telling you about the culture of the climate. On the contrary, they will give you a full run down on it, as they often have the best perspective on the overall culture of the company. This is great for the person who has already decided to apply for a position. But it does nothing for the elite talent who are interested in making a cautious career change.

What if that company took the selling points from the HR team and turned it into a document on their website candidates could read? The truth is, this would sway a number of quality professionals on the fence about applying and could secure an interview with them. In some cases, it could always deter candidates who aren’t a match for you company, knowing that you are fundamentally different from what they’re looking for.

So what should a company include in this snapshot of their culture? Talk about the vibe of your culture, the corporate structure or lack thereof. What's the work and life balance? If you have leadership training opportunities convey these. Does your company do what it can to promote from within? The more of a picture you paint on your company, the more likely it will drive in top talent. This should be the main goal of your company's talent acquisition strategy, as it impacts on your long term goals.

To add some personality, think about the following while writing the information.

  • If you were giving a tour of the company, what areas of interest would you give to someone from the outside?
  • What are the first things you’d reveal about the company culture proudly to someone new to the company?
  • If a person were to walk into the company, they’d see some obvious things. But what are some cool things about the company beyond what they can see?
  • Get statements from real employees with their name, position and photos that talk about what they love about the company.
  • What types of benefits do you offer exclusive of monetary compensation?

If you are in charge of a human resources department and want to get the best talent in the door, open up about the culture of your company. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll begin to see a shift in the type of applications you receive. In most cases, you’ll begin to find a pool of talent you haven’t seen before and they’ll fit well within your company.


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Photo: LinkedIn