Delicates Drive. A Record Year & Smashing Success

The Junior League of Portland has successfully completed our 6th annual Delicates Drive to benefit survivors of Human Trafficking. We are proud to report a record year collecting 11,239 undergarments and toiletries.

To put things in perspective, in 2017 we collected over 2,000 items. This year, we more than quadrupled that number. What does this mean? Our six partner recipient organizations: Janus Youth, SARC, A Village for One, Rose Haven, & Rahab’s Sisters will have 4x the resources to distribute. Meeting an essential need that most of us take for granted.

Here’s what happened….

A well spent Saturday. By the numbers.

11am we pull up in a commercial delivery truck because 82 standard size cardboard boxes won’t fit in my SUV. Go figure. This thing is packed, and I’m slightly panicked on how said boxes will travel from truck to the fourth floor League office. 11 committee members appear all ready to unload. Problem solved.

The pizza I ordered on the way has just arrived. Perfect timing.

Upstairs inside the League office we’re unsure of where to put all the boxes in an already overpopulated room of bins overflowing with undergarments. We make it work and assemble for a quick directive meeting before beginning the work of sorting, categorizing and counting.

  • Step one: create stations of product type and size

  • Step two: begin sorting thousands of items into said piles

  • Step three: count everything

  • Step four: divide equally among six partner organizations

  • Step five: bag it up and load into our vehicles for delivery

At one point I looked up from my counting station and realized that more volunteers had joined us. Old friends and new faces fill a room, sacrificing a coveted Saturday afternoon to serve their community. It never ceases to amaze me how much a group of determined women can accomplish. Working side by side. A sisterhood. This is the Junior League.

We wrap up at 4pm with the help of 20+ volunteers who all appear slightly frazzled from counting. Or maybe it was the pizza. And cookies. Definitely the pizza.



What we collected….


XS     24
S    2354
M    2118
L    2113
XL    1878
XXL    58

Total    8,545

A    161
B    163
C    147
D    76
DD    92
F    99
FF/G    182
N/O    26
H    133
I    55
J    41
K    33
L    25
M    16

Total    1,249

Sports Bras
S    32
M    50
L    34
XL    66

Total    182

Dental         52
Hair        68
Body wash     82
Deodorant    18
Lotion        42
Misc.        108

Total        370



Socks    142
Pajamas    12
Sports bottoms    5
Lingerie    94
Swimwear    170
Maternity    2
Tanks    37
Children’s    403
Men’s & Boys    28
Gift Cards    $210