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Software API and the Usability of the System

A problem companies have when they look at Omni-Channel software, is that the API system doesn’t meet their needs. Frequently, companies prevent you from effectively using this software, in order to have you buy directly from them and pay them to make the software useable for you. A true Omni-Channel industry leader is someone who worries more about delivering a product that works for you.

API is the application programing interface. For this portion of the software, you need it to do a few things for your online business. First, the software should effectively use the internet and browser features to create the best online buying experience for your customers. Secondly, it should maximize the use of SOAP and REST to effectively run your website.

The next area the software should excel in is architecture. The system should include a database that is easy to navigate and it should allow for information to appear on the screen.

Customization then ties into that. Ideally, the best software is one that allows you to fully customize it. It should allow businesses to create a shopping experience that is unique to them and their brand. All of this should be achievable without having to add any additional code to the software in the process. After all, software should be ready to go for your company from the start.

Multi-Channel leadership is a must. In 2015 and beyond, this is vital for the success of an online business. If any program doesn’t offer this to you as a customer, begin looking at other options that are available. Most exceptional programs will advertise this feature and go through how flexible they are in terms of options. That is something to look for when you are considering the software as a possibility.

Finally, it is important to ensure there is an ecosystem in place that delivers. You want something that allows you to choose from a number of add ons that can seamlessly integrate and benefit your business.

To help you get started, here are a few products you can consider. Keep in mind that this is only a tiny sample of the options you have available to you:

•    Lightspeed •    Microsoft RMS •    Netsuite

Omni-Channel software will continue to evolve. While there was a time when the best you could find was a batch system that updated to a central hub on occasion, massive advances have been made since then. Today you will find software that updates in real time, and that allows you to better track inventory and improve the experience of your customers.


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