Confusion. Now Available in Digital.


I’m having a LOT of conversations about the need for digital talent. There seems to be an endless stream of confusion around this topic in general and even more questions around who to hire and for what type of role.

We’re just not sure exactly what we need. We’re having a hard time distilling down our goals into a translatable job description and functional position. How do we structure the role within the larger organization; who are their cross functional partners? 

Does this sound familiar? Let’s all take a deep breath and consider the solution…

Step 1: Determine leadership level

You know you need digital leadership but maybe you can’t afford a senior level executive. Hey, no hard feelings. This is real life. Director level talent will still offer the leadership you need to develop strategy, build and guide teams while still having close hands-on experience with execution. 

Step 2: Name your price

On a budget? Forget the C-Suite, skip the VP and aim for Director level talent. This will cut your price tag in half. Literally. Decide what you can afford, realistically.

Step 3: Structure the role

You have a lot of needs but aren’t sure how to structure a position that reflects your goals. I could wax on about the various functions within DTC but instead I’ll break it down into three major camps of talent for the sake of sanity and simplicity. Emphasis sanity.

Digital Marketing: Integrated marketing channels i.e. SEO, email, paid search, paid social, PPC, etc. Highly analytical and driven by KPIs and metrics.

Brand / Content Marketing: Brand communication strategy. Establishes creative tone, content and copy through channels. Typically, more creative and conceptual.

eCommerce: Site functionality, site experience, operational and sales. Customer acquisition and retention.

Major broad strokes but most Digital and DTC roles will align with one of these three. You can mix and match or combine elements from each role as well.


There’s no one size fits all. When we develop digital positions, we begin by determining the long term strategic goals and then reverse engineer the position based on these goals considering the company size, needs and circumstances both immediate and future. 

Happy Hunting

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