Boost Profits With This Mobile-Commerce Strategy


The explosion of mobile innovations has paved a smooth pathway for fashion brands to reach more consumers. It is apparent that most people use their mobile gadgets in browsing and even in handling their business. Suddenly, mobile connectivity is the superhighway of communication and purchasing. Since the majority of consumers have mobile devices, the best way for businesses to reach their customers is through mobile commerce. How can you successfully develop and implement a mobile-commerce strategy? Here’s how:

1.     Use a responsive, smart phone only design.

Most consumers only have smart phones with them. A smart phone’s screen format is different from that of a tablet or a desktop. The tablet and desktop screen formats are similar. Smart phone screen formats are entirely different. This is why you will be able to reach more consumers if your site has a responsive, smart phone design. It should be responsive, despite the small screen. Both consumers and retailers benefit from the responsiveness of the smart phone only design.

2.     Integrate social log in.

If you want to reach more consumers with just one person, integrate a social network log in option to your apps. It is convenient for mobile customers to opt for the mobile log in because they do not have to enter their information anymore. The retailers can obtain the necessary information they need from that one social login. A huge 77% of consumers prefer this. Social logins also boosts conversions up to 50%. Since smart phones have small screens and touch pads, it lessens the customer’s frustration in typing information.

3.     Use Paypal mobile express checkout.

Mobile shoppers want everything as fast as they can get it. They want to be done with the payment methods in just a few clicks. This is where the PayPal express checkout comes in handy. If your customer wants to buy that dress or handbag immediately, it is always a plus if you offer the express checkout option before they pay.

4.     Optimize mobile page load speeds.

All mobile users have slow Internet connections, but they expect your site to load more quickly on their smart phones than on their desktops. The loading of your site’s page is influenced by the Java Script tags, the size of your images and the sophisticated interface that you use. If you want to have a faster page loading experience for your customers, keep your site simple.

5.     Optimize your emails for mobile opens.

Focus on the increased engagement of your customers and not the conversions.

6.     Use predictive searches (autosuggest).

Looking for something in your site is easier when you use predictive searches. When your customer wants to search for a specific type of dress or shoe, it is more convenient for them to skip typing the entire word in the search box. Autosuggest tools enable conversions to increase for your site.

7.     Optimize your content for gestures.

You site should allow customers to zoom in on your products or other site information.

8.     Autofill wherever possible.

This feature streamlines payment methods because the customer does not have to type in information repeatedly anymore.

9.     Make sure your mobile site can handle desktop links.

See to it that the pathway of smooth for your customers. You cannot afford flashing a 404 or redirects. These disrupt the overall experience of your customers.

10.   Make your desktop site available for smart phone and tablet users.

When your site works on a desktop, make sure it also works on mobile devices.

Mobile commerce is an opportunity and is fast becoming the brand new standard in providing content for consumers. The expectations of mobile consumers differ from those of desktop or offline ones. They are always on the move and when they purchase something, they want excellent service. This gives business owners, including those who are in the fashion niche, a dilemma. If you are willing to make the necessary changes to your site, then be prepared for more customers and more profit.


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Photo: Unsplash