Attract Top Executives To Work For Your Company

Current Tools Available to Sourcing Executives in the Fashion Industry

It isn’t always easy to find an executive in the fashion industry. Most of the top tier talent aren’t filling out applications on competitor websites trying to find a new job. With that in mind, you need to be smart about how you go about locating the best talent and hire them for your company.

LinkedIn is usually a great starting point. On the site, you have the chance to scan the individuals who are in the industry. You can then begin to reach out and connect with these professionals. As you do, you’ll find that some are interested in making a change. For those individuals, you can offer some insight into your company. It's best to work with a well defined search process as opposed to contacting potential candidates at random. A well framed narrative of your brand and opportunity with a personalized message will increase your response rate.

Sometimes, it pays to make the connection and keep close to current executives in the industry. Even when you’re not hiring, networking is still incredibly powerful. Make it a point to take an executive out to lunch or simply engage with them regularly. This keeps you on their mind and when they’re ready to make a change, they are more likely to approach you about any openings in your company. In turn, if an opening they are a match for is available in your company, you can casually mention it and put the thought in their mind.

Tradeshows and industry events. Over the years we have seen an increased number of HR professionals attend industry tradeshows. This is a great way to schedule casual, informational interviews with talent and begin to develop relationships. Tradeshows allow for face to face meetings while several executives are in the same place at the same time.

Of course, technology also gives you access to a number of industry websites where you can announce openings. When used in conjunction with your own website, you can begin to draw talent into your company. You can scan resumes and determine if someone is potentially a match for an executive level position in your company.

Another option is working with a search firm. A recruiter will expand beyond the pool of people monitoring job boards and have more exceptional options to pick from that are pre-screened for requirements and cultural fit when you’re ready to hire an executive.

As you scan these cover letters and resumes it is important to focus on a few important things.

  • Hire for the future. This means looking beyond what worked in the past and what your present needs are. Find someone who will work in the position for years to come.
  • Give preference to entrepreneurs and forward thinking individuals. Avoid those who aren’t innovative and want to do things in a very specific way that doesn’t utilize technology and the changes in the industry.
  • Keep the search confidential when possible. Byusing a recruitment firm, they can help you to keep a low profile as you are hiring for an executive level position in your company.
  • Review the data at hand. Most executives will give you a great deal of data to shift through when deciding to hire them. Don’t base a decision solely on the data given in the resume. Listen carefully to the answers in an interview. Behavioral Based Interviews are a now commonly used technique to predict future behavior based on behavior of the past.

Take the first steps and begin deciding what traits you need in an executive. Then determine your sourcing and search strategy.


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