Are You Making These Common Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Fashion Brands Need to Avoid

Many fashion brands spend a lot of money on digital marketing campaigns to build their brand and improve sales. Unfortunately, simply starting a new digital marketing campaign doesn’t guarantee great results. It’s essential to ensure that your brand’s marketing dollars are spent well.

While a good digital marketing campaign will offer results during the promotion period, great campaigns help you enjoy results after the promotion period is over. If you want to make your marketing campaigns work hard for you, even after your promotion period, it’s essential for fashion brands to avoid these digital marketing mistakes.

Forgetting to Use Social Media Share Buttons

Overlooking the importance of social media share buttons is a common mistake. Social media share buttons offer a lot of potential if you use them correctly. When placing these buttons on your fashion brand’s website, it’s important to know which buttons offer the best results and you’ll also need to think about whether your images are really shareable.

Instead of simply using all the social media icons on your pages, understand which platforms offer the best results for your brands. You don’t want to confuse your customers with too many buttons.

It’s also essential to make sure you use shareable images. Many fashion brands use images that don’t appear correctly across various platforms. Ensure you use the right image size so it looks as it will on social media platforms.

Not Leveraging Social Media Content and Data

While tweets, pins, likes, comments, and shares all offer social proof for your fashion brand, you can use this social media content and data beyond this application. You can use the numbers to help you come up with business intelligence programs for your fashion brand.

For example, if you track the numbers for specific images, you’ll learn more about your customers. When certain images perform well, you can note what works, capitalizing on similar images in the future.

Failing to Deal with Dead URLs

What are dead URLs? They are hyperlinks that aren’t active. Many fashion brands forget to watch for dead URLs, and over time these dead ULRs begin to pile up. It’s not enough to concentrate on links on your brand’s website. You also need to consider links shared by customers on social media sites. Finding a way to effectively deal with dead URLs will help you leverage the value of all your click-throughs.

Using Boring Online Copy

While you probably have good online copy on your fashion brand’s website, you may not consider the copy on shared content when users click a social media share button. It’s important to ask a few questions about the copy on shared content, including:

  • Is the summary text really relevant?
  • Will the copy bring in more customers?
  • Does the copy seem personal?

Take the time to write descriptions that work well with your images, ensuring that you use a personal touch that doesn’t feel like an ad.

Having Unrealistic Expectations for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to become more challenging for fashion brands, particularly if you’re working to have specific product pages ranked in the search engines. Don’t make the mistake of thinking SEO efforts will immediately provide results. SEO often requires a lot of trial and error. Many fashion brands may benefit from using pay per click ads, which over time may help to boost SEO results.

Sometimes fashion brands rely on digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and awareness. Although it’s great to use these campaigns, don’t overlook the importance of on-going efforts. If your fashion brand relies on promotions, you may need to think about how you can use some of these tips to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.


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Photo: Niche Dominance