3 of The Biggest Challenges With eCommerce in The Fashion Industry

The business of fashion is changing dramatically every day.  As technology advances, the challenges in online retail, ecommerce and other endeavors become more pronounced. Today, given the broad use of mobile phones in shopping and the wide range of different devices in use, the challenges are greater than ever in fashion retail and ecommerce.

Just a few of the challenges that are currently facing Fashion retailers and wholesalers today are these:

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a serious pain point for many retailers. They aren't able in many cases to put all of their inventory in the online venue, yet they want the best and they want it well showcased.  Today the marketers can text to the shopper and give them updates at home or at work or even as they are walking past the store on their way elsewhere. How much is too much and how much is not enough when it comes to mobile marketing? How much goes on the estore and which pieces will pull in the shoppers to the retail store. When does it stop being beneficial to the retailer and become a problem for the customer?  Figuring out the right combination has been a problem since ecommerce began. Arriving at the right calculation is imperative in order to continue to compete.

Data Management and Big Data

Today the amount of data that is available is sheerly astonishing. Finding a way to give access to the people who need it and should be seeing it is one of the big challenges. Managing data to allow access to those who can make use of it and to analyze it to give real insight into what we are accomplishing and where to go next is also a part of the issue.

Online retail Security

The top challenge today for nearly every industry, from IT to retail is security in the online world. Securing the point of sale and preventing data breaches that can see customer information up for grabs or on the black market is a challenge for every company in the world who is featuring online sales of any item. Not only the top retailers, but the top vendors of every kind and governments themselves have been hacked.

Finding ways to prevent data breaches or to minimize the damage done in a breach is imperative. New technology is breached in some cases as rapidly as it is created. How are we going to address security in a mobile and an online venue while still offering the convenience of allowing online sales?

All in all, there are challenges aplenty for the online retailer and some that will require real effort and real change to accommodate. Finding a path forward will take innovation and insight.


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Photo: Nuzzle