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Nothing Beats a Good Fit


Firmly focused on Fashion Retail and Wholesale The Fit has placed industry executives with a focus on fit since 2009

What We Do  


The Fit combines the focus and personal attention of a boutique with the capabilities of a large firm. We deliver a comprehensive, consultative approach engaging in transparent, authentic communication at every stage of the process. The Fit was founded on a relationship based model with a commitment to superior service. Guided by a core set of principles we provide our clients with an unmatched level of guaranteed satisfaction.

How We Do It

Tailored Search

The Fit delivers an innovative search process. A blend of art and science. We create and execute customized search plans, tailored to each of our client’s unique needs; including culture, size, specific requirements, and circumstances. We thoroughly qualify candidates for fit and experience with our proven 7 Step Search Process. Finding talent is the easy part. Finding a proper fit requires discernment, industry expertise and a proven search process.

Our 7 Step Search Process

Proven Results

From startups to Fortune 500 companies The Fit is experienced in placing fashion industry talent for a range of companies in all functions and market segments throughout the US and Canada. We find a proper fit for each of client’s unique set of needs. We deliver top performing talent, qualified for cultural fit, whose experience and skill set aligns with your strategic goals. Our most discriminating clients find their requirements met or exceeded in every way.

Who We Work With

Commitment to Talent

We guide candidates through the entire process and provide coaching, counsel and advice along the way. Our inside knowledge of the market, industry leaders and company culture will serve as your guide to finding a proper fit. The Fit focuses on a relationship based model. Consistently engaging with our network, we provide valuable industry tips, tools and training.

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